One of our favorite activities in kindergarten are the hats. Not only are we building vocabulary and phonemic awareness but we get 26 days of dedicated cutting and fine motor practice!

Middle School school students have been conduting a chromatography experiment to try to identify which type of marker was used to leave a note at the crime scene in the case of the Pilfered Popcorn. 

PreK has been watching our classroom caterpillars go into their chrysalis. Some favorite activities that the children have been enjoying are creating caterpillar and butterfly art projects,reading butterfly stories and learning all about the different parts of a butterfly.

The 3/4 class honored Hispanic heritage through their study of intricately created papel picado and the sarape (blanket). The students worked independently on their papel picado, then cooperatively created the sarape with a classmate. 

PreK has been busy getting to know each other and making new friends through play. Prek has learned all about daily routines, our day and our teachers.
Some of the activties include exploring how to use watercolor paints and playdough, learning to take turns when playing a game, making lemonade at the sensory table with a friend.  

The 3/4 class is learning all about water and the weather! Students are working on key vocabulary words and doing hands on activities to deepen their understanding of water and how it impacts our weather. This week, students did mini-experiments to see how fast water evaporates and how to create condensation. They also did an investigation to see how temperature effects water. Students are very enthusiastic about science and the hands on activities allow them to move freely and really see how science works. The 3/4 class is off to a great start for the 2023-24 year and they can’t wait to keep learning about science and doing more investigative work as young scientists! They also enjoyed working on an art project that we are excited to show the rest of the school and our families when they visit for Parent Information Night! 

 Picture Day

Friday, September 22 for Grades PK-4

Friday, September 28 for Grades 5-8

The first day of school was full of smiles and sunshine! Students were glad to see their old friends and excited for the new friendships!