The kindergarten class is learning about the lifecycles of animals. As a part of their learning, they've been observing chicken eggs in an incubator, waiting for them to hatch. Today was the day, and Lego and Marshmallow pecked their ways through their eggshells and the little chicks came out peeping! Welcome to the world little chicks! 

The kindergarten class took a field trip the Museum of Innovation & Science (MiSci) to support their classroom learning with hands-on activities all about magnets.



To wrap their unit on fractions and decimals, they conducted an experiment on bubbles! They tallied how long each bubble lasted to find the fraction of bubbles that lasted at a certain time versus the rest of them. They will finish by graphing our results! 

For P.E., Sage students are currently involved in a SURVIVOR unit, based on the popular TV show! Students have been randomly sorted into teams and are engaged in multiple group and individual challenges: challenges that test athletics, puzzle-solving skills, and most importantly, teamwork. Students are having a blast working together and cheering each other on (and so is Coach)! 

To Infinity and Beyond! PreK has blasted into space. We have learned the Sun is the only star in our solar system, we made moon craters, created our own solar systems and explored our galaxy. 

For the month of February, Sage students were collaborating on a very special project for Black History Month: creating interactive library displays. The ASALH writes that libraries “work to support the intellectual development of communities to collect and preserve Black stories, sponsor Black history and literature events, and are active in the quest for civil, social, and human rights.” ( Students researched authors and collected books for six different literary genres. We were then able to bring roughly fifty books by Black writers into our school, some of which we are able to add permanently to our libraries.  Students are reading, talking, and excited about sharing these books with each other and the Taylor community.  The impacts of this project will far outlast the displays! 

Happy 100th Day! It is the perfect time to reinforce our math curriculum goals and to have fun with the number 100. The students were engaged in special activities involving counting, sorting and patterning all day long.