The PreK students love learning about food and supply in their interactive farmer's market! 

Kindness is the norm in the 3-4 classroom! This week we learned that kindness towards others begins with respect for ourselves. The students created personal collages that focused on actions and words that show self-respect. Their keen inferential thinking skills shined brightly when they were asked to explain how the pictures and words on their collages "symbolized" self-respect.

7-8 students are thrilled to be able to visit Troy Public Library again this year, and the librarians are just as excited to have us back. One of our students even won the raffle for this amazing shirt!

In the wonderful Literary Pumpkin tradition at the Susan Odell Taylor School, the Gr. 1/2 class has been busy decorating pumpkins.  Students were asked to select a character from one of the many read-alouds they have heard in the classroom this year. A number of students chose characters from books written and illustrated by Bill Peet, an author/illustrator we studied while reading his autobiography for our end-of-day read aloud.

The students at sage celebrated Spirit Day by having a Halloween door decorating contest! The school looks amazingly festive and spooky! 

In Math the 7th grade students just completed the unit on Scale Drawings. For a project each student created their own scale drawing. Their original drawing was 3 inches by 5 inches, their scaled copy was 22 inches by 25 inches. 

The 3-4 meteorologists are gathering data and using tools in their weather station, such as a barometer, anemometer psychrometer, and thermometer, to collect scientific data about the weather in order to make predictions and forecasts about future weather related events.

During center time we are exploring all kinds of lines and are using lines to make letters, shapes and numbers. Kindergarteners love exploring! They are doing activities, like making clay sculptures with pipe cleaners, to build strong finger muscles to help with handwriting and explore lines at the same time. 

To celebrate Indigenious Peoples' Day the kindergarten class has been reading books that honor the original inhabitants of North America. After reading My Heart Fills With Happiness, the kindergarteners wrote about what makes their hearts happy and recorded their ideas. Click here to see the students' artwork and hear them read about their work.