PreK has been learning about apples this week. Children explored the parts of an apple, had an apple tasting, made various apple crafts, made apple pies at the sensory table and had picnics at our own apple orchard in our dramatic play area.

The 3/4 class learned about hurricanes as part of their Weather & Climate unit. They learned about how to stay safe during a hurricane and how building designs and materials are impacted by severe weather. They designed and built their own “hurricane proof” houses to try to withstand wind and flooding! 

The math classroom is the perfect place for creating visual representations of the concepts being learned. The 4th grade students are sharpening up their multiplication skills by using arrays to make rectangles. 

Kindergarten through 4th grade competed in a cup stacking challenge this week. Students rolled a dice to determine their locomotor movements and how many cups they received from completing that movement. Through various round they stacked their cup to see who could build the highest tower and castle.

Kindergarten is learning about Indigenous Peoples' Day and celebrating it through literature and food was not just a lesson; it was a meaningful journey of understanding, respect, and appreciation for diverse cultures that make our world so beautifully unique. 

Kindergarteners love science experiments. Especially magic potions and experimentation with cool tools like syringes! 

The 5/6 students started a novel study on Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Students worked in groups to create word clouds of characters’ personality traits using evidence from the text.

The 1-2 Writing Alive students have been fully engaged in their sentence games! This hands-on routine allows students to use critical thinking and creativity skills to add abstract details to their writing pieces and transform simple sentences into works of art!