The middle school presented their production of Dorothy in Wonderland in the Little Theater at Russell Sage College. Students worked incredibly hard on this over the past few weeks and it was so rewarding to feel the results of that hard work.  It was a fantastic show!! 

The sun is shining and it's sandbox weather for PreK! The kids love to get outside with their friends, to dig in the sandbox and swing on the tire swing. 

Grades 5-8 embarked on an overnight field trip to Camp Chingachgook on Lake George! Students (and teachers) had an awesome experience exploring the outdoors: from hiking along the lake to s'mores around the campfire. We loved cheering for each other on the high ropes course, team building together, and just hanging out at camp. Our stories from Camp Chingachgook will certainly become lifelong memories! 

Kindergarten is celebrating the last 26 days of school with the ABC Countdown. Each day they do special activities and crafts for every letter of the alphabet. 

The 3-4s love their PreK reading buddies! Each week the students look forward to getting together, snuggling up, and reading a good book.

To celebrate our study of the 1950’s and the "50’s Experience," the 7-8 class hosted a 1950’s themed “Sock Hop!" The 7-8 students dressed for the occasion, decorated the room, and planned the events for the party that both our parents and the 5-6 class were invited to attend. We enjoyed rootbeer floats, lots of games, and sharing what we learned with those who visited the 3rd floor!

The second grade students have been working on their wolf research papers! The process of conducting research, taking notes, and gathering factual information has been a blast. 

PreK has been learning all about pets and how they bring love, laughter, and compassion to many families all around the world. We discovered what characteristics make the perfect family pet. Our class also learned about the responsibilities pet owners have such as grooming, feeding, and how to care for different types of pets. The children were excited when our school companion dog, Violet, came into our classroom to read a story with us.