PreK has been busy in our life- size Gingerbread house and in our Gingerbread Bakery!

Long before the Susan Odell Taylor School and the city of Troy existed, this area was home to the Mohicans. The Gr. 1/2 class has spent the last few weeks learning about the people who first lived here. They are busy completing projects that will demonstrate some of their newfound knowledge. Projects include: wigwams made of twig frames covered in birch bark, paintings depicting the role of children within the tribe, corn husk dolls and an illustrated retelling of the The Legend of the Doll Keeper, models of both birch bark and dugout canoes, as well as books depicting tools used, clothing worn and a picture dictionary of common words.

In science, students are learning how energy is transferred from one object to another. Here students are constructing Rube Goldberg machines to demonstrate what energy transference.

 It is the year 1764 in the 3-4 classroom as the students immerse themselves into Colonial Boston and the struggle for independence from England. Each student becomes a colonial character in this integrated unit that gives students a deep understanding of the issues involved in the struggle for independence while building strong social and critical thinking skills. Here, students are using their print making skills to create their merchant shops for our classroom bulletin board frieze.

The third graders are conducting a mathematical lab to see which brand of paper towels are the most absorbent. They have been graphing, making data tables, and working diligently to find area and perimeter. We love when math and science crossover! 

Kindergarten is learning about the 5 senses through hands on exploration with self-portraits. Self-portraits give children an opportunity to explore their sense of identiy, be creative, and think critically.

This week's lesson for Kindness in the Classroom focused on gratitude. We showed our gratitude for our school and for our community by writing "Thank You" notes! 
Here are some of what we're thankful for: 
"I am thankful for the Taylor School community, both my friends and teachers"
"I am thankful for daily brain breaks"  
"I am grateful to be in-person this year" 
"I am grateful for the loving, forgiving environment"

Each day on the Morning Message, the first and second graders have been answering questions about their families. Over the past week, they gathered data about the number of people in their families, the number of pets they have, what kind of home they live in and favorite things to do with their families. The students worked in groups to analyze the data and determine the best way to display it. Learning across the curriculum, another hallmark of the Susan Odell Taylor School.