For the past 4 weeks, the 5-6 humanities class has been immersed in all things poetry. They're finishing up this unit by creating an accordion book filled with all the beautiful poems they've written!

The energetic kindergarten class enjoyed playing outside on a lovely spring day with their classmates. 

The Taylor Arts Festival was an evening enjoyed by our students in grades PreK-8. Students created collaborative art, got their hands painted, planted marigolds and enjoyed tasty treats! We are so thankful for the arts at our school!

The 7-8 spent the morning at the First Church in Albany, NY, The kids sorted food, broke down boxes and learned about the services that the food pantry provides. The students also toured the first church to learn about the history of the building. A special thank you to Tara Gaydushek, for organizing this memorable visit! 

The K-4 penpals had a blast at the Washington Avenue campus! Some highlights were: a special Earth Day art project, playing outside on the beautiful grounds and watching the 1-2 play! We love seeing out friends! 

Prek had a wonderful day for a field trip to Indian Ladder Farms. They learned all about the cute furry baby animals and even got to pet and feed some goats,cows, and sheep. A farm picnic lunch was enjoyed after by all in the beautiful sunny weather.

3-4 is taking a deep dive into the investigation the states of matter. 

 Stomp, chomp, rawr!! PreK have been exploring fossils, discovering when the dinosaurs lived and what they ate. They are also learning about their favorite prehistoric reptiles, like T-rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.