1-2 has their first annual Haiku High Tea Performance on Friday! They worked hard, planning, creating, and revising their works of poetic wonder! They were excited to share their work in front of the adults they love! 

Our 7/8 graders are deep into the Lewis and Clark simulation! Composing adventure-inspired songs, learning basic sign language, design a bearing board, drawing period clothing, create a message using the Vignere Cipher Table. Each day brings a new hands-on acitviity. With experience cards in hand, they're navigating their boats closer to the Pacific Ocean. 

The middle school is participting in the "A Million Thanks" program in which students wrote thank you letters to veterans. The kids learned that sending the letter is a wonderful way to offer thanks to those who served our country. https://amillionthanks.org/

Our little learners discovered the magic of Diwali through the tale of "Binny's Diwali".  Each child created their very own diya and colored rangoli flowers. 

7th grade is on a science adventure! They’re diving into the secrets of bath bomb bubbles exploring individual ingredients of a bath bomb and recording data to figure out why a bath bomb has bubbles.

Modified Soccer Game Parents vs. Kids was an absolute joy! 

Our youngers created some fantastic literary pumpkins! This tradition is a Taylor School favorite!

The 7/8 class has started their journey west through a Lewis and Clark simulation game. There are two Corps racing to the west coast and along the way, discovering the real-life challenges and decisions that faced the Corps of Discovery. The first activity chosen was a sewing challenge, where students hand-sewed a pouch. Another activity was to create a mulitple choice test on Sacagawea for the other Corps to take. This exciting adventure motivates students to learn all about history in a hands-on, minds-on way.