The 3rd graders are taking a closer look at the fascinating world of penguins, mastering note-taking, summarizing, and adding vivid verbs to make their writing come alive! Meanwhile, 4th graders are inspired by Jackie Robinson, exploring his increidble achievements in baseball and in civil rights. 

The PreK are diving into the world of penguins - exploring various species, creating figure-eight penguins, and getting hands-on with penguin feeding! 

The Prek Library is now open! We have turned our dramatic play area into a library. Children have been busy getting library cards, checking out books, going to story hour and asking the information desk questions. 

Congratulations to Lorenzo for winning this year's Middle School  Spelling Bee! We are so proud of him and all the students who participated. Congratulations!

5th grade math students have been busy playing battleship using a coordinate plane and sorting triangles based on their properties.

The Five Senses unit is a big hit! The Kinders are making scratch and sniff name art with flavored gelatin. This super simple activity yields so much learning and, of course, lots of fun! 

The 7-8 grade students are preparing a Reader's Theater to share with the younger students at their upcoming school morning meeting. The students distributed roles, chose images and are recording their work, editing and will present their take on Andrew Jackson. 

3/4 students are using technology daily to add to their learning experience! Students utilize Chromebooks to listen to spelling lessons tailored to their level and the skills they need to practice each week! They love engaging in the lessons with a peer. 3/4 students also used their Chromebooks to compete in "Blooket" review competitions with each other and Ms. Ferguson to review for their social studies assessment. The excitement and engagement of the review game has helped every student master their review material. Now THAT is a win for all! :)