The Taylor middle school students explored the Money Immersive Exerience at the Armory Stuidios in Schenectady, NY. During this trip they learned about the life and the artwork of Claude Monet through different interactive experiences. After viewing the artwork, the students had a lunch on the town at Bountiful Bread. 

The 5/6 science class is deep into learning about sound and light waves. They were challenged to design and engineer a device to help with visual or hearing impairments.

Kindergarten is learning about many winter holidays and traditions. The children made Kwanzaa Unity Cups and toasted with juice.

Eighth-grade students were tasked with testing Newton's Three Laws of Motion by designing a homemade egg-drop container. These containers needed to be sturdy yet light enough to hold and protect a jumbo egg as it fell two stories from the library window. For the first time in the contest's history, there were two first-place teams: Ivy and Grayson and Aveline and Quintin.

“How now?” The 3/4 class at Pinewoods learned this and other phrases that were used by the Pilgrims. The 3/4 class has been learning all about the 13 colonies, including how the colonists would have spoken, dressed, and what they would have eaten. Students used a Reader’s Theater script to act out a conversation between Pilgrims and to make the history of the colonies come alive here in the classroom. 

The kinders learned about Hanukkah and made menorah! Happt Hanukkah!

The PreK enjoys all things gingerbread! They've been exploring the world of gingerbread using all five senses! From crafting life-sized gingerbread houses to making cookies, the joy is in the detail!

The Taylor students in grades 5-8 are kicking off their service learning project for Arts for Little Hearts. In this project they will learn basic sewing skills and creating small heart stuffies to bring smiles to hospiltalized children worldwide.