The 2nd grade STEM was eggciting this week! Students designed their own Humpty Dumpty egg holders and tested out their engineering designs! Most of the eggs survived and the students were thrilled by the success of their inventions. 

The kinders are all hands on learning!  They have been busy writing their own stories and sharing their work with their peers. For math, students are exploring the structure of the number 10 and finding ways to organize 10 objects. Students organized fireflies in a jar, built towers, played cover up, and flipped chips to introduce the part-whole relationship. 

The Susan Odell Taylor and the Doane Stuart Schools announced their new school name today- the Hudson Ridge School!


The students from both schools gathered at the 199 Washington Avenue campus and participated in a series of activities in which the name of the school was revealed. Some of the activities included shooting hoops to earn points to reveal the letters in the new school name and completing an inspiration wall full of their hopes and dreams for the Hudson Ridge School. 


Hudson Ridge will remain the home of the world famous Thunderchicken, and students created their own Thunderchickens to decorate the halls. The exciting morning concluded with a special lunch from Chef Dave and a HUGE cake to celebrate the beginning of the Hudson Ridge School. 


“Today was all about the STUDENTS!” said Ms. Marcy to the community at the opening of today’s celebration. “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” She went on to say she couldn’t be more thrilled for today or excited about our future as Hudson Ridge School.


The energy surrounding the announcement of our new school’s name was electrifying!  From the anticipation in the air to the cheer of excitement when the name was revealed, this day was a celebration of our communities’ commitment to the Hudson Ridge School.

The middle school students visited the Pinewoods campus to enjoy a Morning Meeting, games, reading, recess and cooperative art activity! 

The 1st grade students ended their Writing Alive explanatory paragraph unit with a fun multi-age presentation! They shared and acted out their "How to Build a Snowman" pieces, and the audience loved the fun actions that went along with the writing! 

3-4 students learned all about Alma Woodsey Thomas and her amazing contributions as an African-American artist! Despite living in tumultuous times, Alma used bright colors and was inspired by nature. Students used colorful paper and their vivid imaginations to create their own beautiful artwork to honor the life of Alma and to spread joy in the Taylor community! 

Prek is waddling into discovering all of the fascinating things about penguins. The children have been learning about these flightless birds and their habitats. They discovered there are different species of these penguins and different sizes. Children had fun experimenting hands on with cold temperatures and got to see how penguins stay warm with blubber in cold temperatures in Antarctica.


The kinders are having a delicious time in science class during their Five Senses study! Taste may be their favorite sense of all!