The PreK students are blasting off into space and exploring all the things astronauts need to be able to live on a spaceship. 

What is a civilization? Why are ancient civilizations so intriguing? From Egyptians embalming to Roman gladiators, the 5-6 students are hooked on uncovering details about the rise and fall of early empires and people’s daily lives long ago. By the end of the ancient civilizations unit, the students will have a sound understanding of the development of the first major human civilizations from across the globe, including Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, Aztec, Inca, and the Maya.

Students will read widely in this unit's various genres, including historical fiction, biographies, and nonfiction. Students will also become familiar with archeology as they discover how we find new information about ancient civilizations. Since mythology reveals information about people’s belief systems in ancient cultures, students will develop a familiarity with this important genre as part of the unit. Mythology is one of the key ways we learn about ancient civilizations’ ideas and beliefs, from gender roles to natural resources’ value. The children will be fascinated with the drama and adventure of ancient myths.

In an attempt to beat the winter blues, seventh grade students designed, wrote and sent winter themed postcards home to their families.  Upon arrival at home students read the post cards to their families in Spanish and translated the message into English. This project focused on expressing likes and dislikes as well as winter themed vocabulary.

The 7/8 class enjoyed a mindful stroll through our famous historic Troy neighborhood. 

At Taylor, we are growing readers, writers, artists and confident storytellers! The young authors of the 1/2 class created and shared their All About Me books and shared them with their class. Creating books and sharing them with their learning community is a part of our learning routine.

In our Mosa Mack Science study of the Solar System, the 5/6 class explored planet scale and created an amusement park. The students displayed their amusement parks to their peers practicing their best presenting skills.

The Fraken-Toys Think Tank Engineering design project had the 3/4 class chopping, sawing, hammering and gluing old toys together to transform them into new wild and beautiful creations. 

Introducing the first 1/2 class in-school sleepover of 2021! Students brought in a favorite stuffed animal, books and blankets to snuggle to enjoy some special reading time as a community.