Literature Circles, or Book Club, are small groups of 3-4 students who meet to discuss a piece of literature which they have chosen. Each member of the circle is assigned a role which helps guide the discussion. Literature Circles allows students to become critical thinkers as they read, share thoughts, ask questions, and respond to reading selections. The key to successful Literature Circles is COLLABORATION.

The 5/6 science students are having a blast completing their waves unit! Here, they are conducting a lab to learn about how sound waves interact with stimuli through the use of slinkies! 

For the 7-8 study of the American Civil War, students have been put into groups to create Civil War era newspapers, written from the perspective of that time period. Students are exploring current print publications as well as historical databases to start thinking about how to tell these antebellum stories, with a modern twist. 

If you were given a bag of 25 popsicle sticks and a bundle of 2 sets of 3 sticks and 4 sticks glued together, would you be able to construct a truss bridge? The first and second graders learned a lot about themselves this week while taking on this bridge building challenge, including how to handle frustration and persevere when the going got tough. In true Taylor fashion, they learned how much more satisfying the end result is when you are pushed and challenged along the way.

It was flip-flop day at the Sage Campus and students became the teachers! Here students are leading the way as they demonstrate Chemical Reactions by making ice cream! Educational and delicious!

PreK loves science experiments! Today our experiment was called Fizzing Colors! Students were able to explore colors and create a chemical reaction, using baking soda, vinegar, and colored water. 

The 4th grade math students are learning about fractions and geometry as they use hands-on tools to explore and discover arithmetic in our world. The students are using protractors to measure and create angles in preparation for an Angles in our World mathematics laboratory investigation

Welcome to the Kindergarten Sight Word Cafe! Learning sight words is crucial to successful reading development so children need practice and repetition to recognize them instantly. We love making practice fun!