Math and art unite! As a part of their integers unit, students used the Cartesian coordinate system to create artwork of some of their favorite cartoon characters. 


Sage students had a great field trip to The FOCUS (Future of Cities and Urban Spaces) Lab, a new exhibition space in downtown Troy that showcases sustainable urban design solutions. The lab is run by the Future of Small Cities Institute in collaboration with the Children’s Museum at Saratoga, the City of Troy, the Downtown Troy BID, CASE, Siemens, and the RPI School of Architecture.  We were the first school group invited to tour the exhibit, “To Flow Both Ways: The Past, Present, and Future of Hudson Waterfronts,” and engage in Hands-On investigations of the Hudson River and its watershed. 

The 3-4 students are participating in an expository research project on a human body system of their choice. Using a variety of resources, students are extrapolating important information by taking notes, sorting their notes into subtopics, and will eventually turn all their research into a non-fiction essay.

Kindergarteners are using structured play and hands-on experiences to learn about 3-D shapes. Students are sorting, describing and building three-dimensional shapes. One of their favorite activities was building shapes with marshmallows! 

The 7-8 Civil War Newspaper project asked students to research, paraphrase, and to write with purpose. Upon completion, students were so excited to hold their published work, and to share their writing with each other! 

WE DID  IT!  The 1/2 class worked together to build a bridge model that would connect the two buildings on our Pinewoods campus. From site visits to design drawing, from constructing buildings to building individual bridge sections, it was a true team effort.

The Prek is studying about dinosaurs, when they lived, what they ate and explored lava slime. This week the class is focusing on what a paleontologist does,
learn about fossils and have our own dinosaur dig site on the playground. The students have decided to change our dramatic play area into a Dinosaur Museum.

In the event of a natural disaster where it may be difficult to find a heat source that can warm food to safe levels, students in the 7/8 science class created their own flameless heaters. This will allow them to heat food safely utilizing chemicals found in their home.