The 1/2 read the book Each Kindness by Jacqueline Woodson. After reading the story, they created a Kindness Wall in our classroom. Each time a student sees another student perform an act of kindness for a classmate, they quietly go over and tape a paper kindness stone on our Kindness Wall. It is fun to watch the stones fill the wall. Then each student painted a kindness stone of their own to keep on their desk or share with a friend. Next, we will be making more stones to keep in the classroom to provide words of comfort/kindness/encouragement for ourselves or others when needed. 

The PreK didn't just study butterflies, they became them! As a culminating activity, the learners created beautiful wings and were wrapped up tight as chrysalises and broke free and fluttering around for a new adventure. Students also loved getting messy and building paper mache chrysalises. Acting out the life cycle of the butterfly was an exciting way to end our studies and integrate our imaginations, art, movement, and a whole lot of giggles. 

Dancing rainbow gummy worms are all all the rage in the kindergarten room! The students developed a hypothesis, observed the worm and drew what the saw. Shaving cream not only cleaned the tables but it also helped them learn the popcorn word "the". The kindergarten class played a round of Ribbon War to continue their study of length in math. The longer ribbon won. Lots of fun!

Art. A time to let loose and create. In our first project at the Sage campus, we create dragon eggs. In these cool creations, the giant eggs are cracking and little eyes and other parts, like tails or legs are poking out. For our second work, we went in another direction and used oil pastels in a lesson called Amazing Aspens. This lesson is deceptive in that it challenges the students to work on their perspective drawing skills. We, maybe I should say I, always have fun in art with these students. Some students chase the teacher around the classroom asking questions while others sit silently and work independently. This is who we are in middle school. Eclectic, goofy, creative, and always ready for the next project. I couldn't ask for a better class. Jenn Bassett

Quicker picker-upper? The 5-6 scientists designed and conducted an experiment to investigate the claim presented in a Bounty paper towel commercial. With our new science curriculum, all learners can access their science materials in-person or in a remote setting. This includes working in small groups, conducting labs, and recording data.

To kick off the year in 7-8 ELA students are diving into the elements of story, which they are discovering through independent reading books of their choosing. There truly is nothing like a good book. What was your favorite book as a young reader?

Oh, kindergarten is a joyful place! They have been studying the letter "M" by making either a mustache or martian hat. In math, students measured and compared their class's height with paper strips. For the beginning of the year self-portraits, they created beautiful multi-media works with rainbow tissue paper. Somehow, they also found time to take in the sunshine outside in our school yard. There are so many exciting things going on each day in our kindergarten room!

The 3-4 class recently dug up a time capsule buried by Mrs. Hotaling's class of 2004. What did the current 3-4 class discover inside? Well, things like CD's, a TV guide, Time Magazine, photos and Hot Wheels cars. What should the class of 2020 leave in their time capsule?