The 3-4 class kicked off Think Tank this year with The Gummy Bear Experiment. The students learned all about scientific process; how to form hypotheses, control variables, test, observe, and generate conclusions based on the results even when the results do not match our hypotheses.

 In intramurals families donated various food items and students cooked 2 1/2 pans full of quesadillas and 2 sheet pans of brownies. Students walked the food to Joseph’s House to donate. Thank you to Sage for allowing us to use the kitchen.

The 7-8 Class takes their inaugural trip to Troy Public Library!  

PreK students have the opportunity to touch and observe our live monarch caterpillars-providing them with hands-on experience as they learn about the life cycle of butterflies.
Through journaling, reflection, and discussion, the 7th and 8th grade students formed their own "class contract" outlining the values they believed would create a space that keeps school meaningful for all. 
> "our space is a place where we can all feel important, empowered, and seen" 
>> "keep school meaningful by being kind to others, amd make sure to respect them and their boundaries" 
>>>"keep school meaningful by enjoying the day"

The 5-6 students are involved in a year-long "Mapping the World" study. The students have been working as cartographers as they create a physical relief globe. They used the latitude and longitude lines to accurately place continents, islands, mountain ranges, major rivers, seas, and oceans on their maps. They will use color in the next few weeks to show elevation changes.

In kindergarten, play and learning is one and the same. Children learn through interactions with peers, through manipulation of materials and through exploration indoors and out. And, of course, lots of fun!

It's so good to be back at school! The Taylor School started the school year with smiles, exploration and the arts!