The 5-6 students are currently learning about the U.S. Constitution.  They began the unit by first understanding the shortcomings of the Articles of Confederation and why a special convention, the Constitutional Convention of 1787, was called.  The students analyzed and investigated the critical steps that went into the development and ratification of the Constitution. By involving the students in many interactive lessons from illustrating the Preamble to the Constitution to pretending to help James Madison decide what rights and freedoms to include in the Bill of Rights, it helped the students to understand the role and purpose of the United States Constitution.

Have you ever wanted to know how to blow glass? Well, you should take a look inside the 1/2 class because there is a special book just for you! The young authors in the 1/2 class created wonderful "How To" books to share something of special interested to them that they knew how to do. They wrote and illustrated their books and as a special treat were able to share their books to the class.

β€œThe most important word in Taylor School is WE! We can do anything as long as we do it together!” read one campaign slogan. As you can see, the students are creating their very own campaign speeches for our mock election in the 3-4 class. Students have brainstormed some very strong key points while developing their platforms. Now, we just need to decide if we want to count our votes in the electoral college style, or the way a small group suggested at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, a direct election by citizens, popular vote-majority rules style. We will have to discuss the pros and cons of each and make an informed decision.

Fractured fairy tales are a favorite at the Taylor School and the 3/4 class loved the story of "Rapunzel and the Seven Dwarfs: A Maynard Moose Tale" by Willy Claflin. After reading the story each of the students created their own dwarves using their medium of choice. Lesson from the Soul Sparklettes Art, The Glitter Bomb. 

Mrs. Lindsay knows how to have a good time! She read the book Bartholomew and the Oobleck by Dr. Seuss and then got messy and explored. The students recorded their observations, how oobleck moved in their hands and in a container. They tried to determine whether it was a solid, a liquid or an IUD based on what they experienced. Could it be classified in more than one state? 

 If you peeked into the classroom you would see the children stretching then measuring bright orange slime, counting 395 pumpkin seeds, comparing apples and pumpkins. Our PreK program provides the sensory experiences students love and the warm and caring staff who nurture their growth,

Do you like ziplines? The 5/6 science classroom may be the place for you! Kids worked in teams to design and build balloon model rockets that could travel at least 300 centimeters while carring precious cargo- lollipops. Not only did they design and build their balloon rockets, they tested them, made changes and completed a Claim-Evidence- Reasoning table to analyze a stated claim. Through the Mosa Mack Science curriculum, students are trained to use a specific Design Thinking process to revise their product and gather evidence to scientifically prove their design is better.

The 3/4 class is ready for Halloween! In art with Mrs. Bassett they created Giggling Gargoyles using chalk pastels and watercolors. In class, they chose their favorite literary character to feature as a literary pumpkin. Boo!!