The 3-4 class has been hard at work using hands-on activities and centers to explore the properties of matter. The students are learning how to use different science tools, like a triple beam balance and a thermometer. When they're not in the middle of an investigation, they're utilizing our library to check out the states of matter books.

The 3-4 class explored the exciting concept of wax resist while creating stunning van Gogh-inspired scene. Never was construction paper, oil pastel, ink and water more exciting!

The 1-2 class celebrated the spring equinox in a festive and flowery way! Spring represents a fresh start, so as an ode to new beginnings, the 1-2 students cracked marbled eggs filled with herbs and flowers over each other's heads and made wishes for the coming season. This tradition was fantastically fragrant! 

The 5-6 humanities class has been exploring what it would be like to live during the Middle Ages. Each student is focusing on a specific job in a castle and researching to develop a character. The culminating actvity is presenting what an average day would look like for a person in their chosen role. 

The 1-2 class enjoyed a green-themed lunch with family and friends. One of the highlights was a visit from a leprechaun!

Taylor School 5-6 graders are experimenting with devices they engineered to contain and clean up oil spills. Additionally, they are conducting an experiment to determine which direction an object's shadow is cast as the sun moves across the sky fro east to west throughout the day. The 7th graders are showing the results of 3 different exothermic reactions. This experiment was done to determine which of the three would work the best for their flameless heater designs. 

The 5/6 class is engaging in an immersive simulation to learn about the Middle Ages. The students created a realistic model of a castle, with each person focusing on a different element. Students will make their own characters and create a story as a class, having to navigate problems like an uprising or a siege. 

Famlies with children in grades PreK-4 got together for an old favorite, Math with a Muffin! Students played fun math games with their families and enjoyed some special breakfast treats!