The 1-2 class enjoyed their field trip to Sage to meet their 5-6 pen pals and see a musical at the theater institute! New friendships were formed and there were lots of laughs to be had. The pen pals are excited to reunite on Craft Day next week! 

Prek is learning all about the season of lights. They are exploring the similitaries and differences of many cultures through different engaging activities. The children enjoyed listening and participating in creative dance while listening to the Nutcracker and waking up from nap to the sight of their shoes filled with treats.

On Friday, December 2, students in grades 1-4 traveled to the Sage campus to attend Benjamin Franklinstein the Musical at the Theatre Institute at Russell Sage with the 5-8 graders. After the performance, they spent the day playing games and building multi-age friendships. It was a wonderful day!

As the 3-4s advance on their journey up the Hudson River, they docked their ship here in Troy for a visit with the Cherry Hill Historic Society and The Hudson River Trading Game. This student-led, role-playing game uses a 34-foot Hudson River game board to experience the challenges of 18th century trade and travel, discover how Hudson River trade was linked to a burgeoning international trade in luxury goods, and experience firsthand the difference between traveling as a captain, sloophand, Van Rensselaer relative, middle class passenger, servant or enslaved cooper on a Hudson River sloop in the late 1700s.

5-6 scientists are learning about the Scientific Method! They are learning the differences between quantitative and qualitative evidence, how to create a hypothesis, and to support a scientific claim with reasoning. Students are applying this knowledge by engineering their very own balloon rockets: testing their prototypes, and redesigning their products based on the evidence they collect.   

Sage students were able to attend a special songwriting workshop with nationally performing blues singer and guitarist, Thomasina Winslow, at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. After the workshop, students got to watch her perform on stage!

During our visit to Focus Lab, we learned that each and every one of us play an integral part in the health and preservation of OUR precious Hudson River. During our visit, students were given $1,000,000 to design and decorate their own Hudson River waterfronts. They were also asked to consider how we are affecting the environment and how the environment affects our plans for the future. We learned that everything we do in and around the Hudson watershed affects all of the biotic, living creatures, and abiotic, non-living features. So it is up to us to take care of our river and plan for its' future.

The Sage campus students enjoyed festive fall fun at the Ellm Family Farm in Ballston Spa, NY.