Diwali! The kinders learned about Diwali and created divas donated by classmates. They proudly shared their creations and loved their special lamps!

Our PreK students are thankful for their family and we are thankful for our creative and energetic students! We are also thankful for our friends. To celebrate their friendships, they had a special friendship center day where they had to work together to create friendship bracelets and paintings. 

Check out the 5/6 students' beautiful physical relief globes they constructed! Their map's key explains the elevation represented by each color.

The 3/4 class had a very special visitor through Google Meet. Zeke's grandpa, Bob Willower, kicked off their Indigenous American Myths and Legends Unit by presenting the art of oral storytelling and sharing a few tales.  Special attention was paid to the Algonquian and Iroquois, and Wampanoag people. Students also wove their own dream catchers. 

Students in grades 5-8 are hard at work constructing The Great Roller Coaster Challenge for their Think Tank Project.

We are especially excited about the opportunity to collaborate with peers in multiple grades.

The Taylor School students are doing a spectacular job collecting books! Our 1/2 class has already filled up 2 boxes. We are so thankful for your support and excited for the children who get to receive these gently-loved treasures. 

The Sage students created these Mary Blair inspired Whimsical Windmills in art class that feature a kenetic component. Buildings could have other moving parts like waterwheels, clouds, doors or anything that the kids could imagine. 

There is something magical about having tea time treats with friends! The 1/2 class imagined what it would be like to come across a Woodland Tea Time and painted this whimsical scene complete with conifers.