In kindergarten, play and learning is one and the same. Children learn through interactions with peers, through manipulation of materials and through exploration indoors and out. And, of course, lots of fun!

It's so good to be back at school! The Taylor School started the school year with smiles, exploration and the arts! 

In culmination of an amazing year, the 3-4 students were presented with two Think Tank challenges to choose from. Under certain constraints, students were asked to use the engineering-design process to make Catapult Launchers and/or Marble Mazes. Through trial and error, and redesigning with growth mindset, each student constructed their own devices and contraptions.

Thank you to Coach Haggerty for Field Day 2022! The students enjoyed kickball, a water balloon toss, mummy relay, bike obstacle course, water sponge relay, popsicles, signing yearbooks and lots of fun!!

Each of our students in grades PreK-8 created their very own quilt square with the theme of "Over in the Meadow". The squares were then sewn together into 4 beautiful quilts and are offered in an auction to benefit the Financial Aid Fund.  We raised over $1,500 for Financial Aid.

Thank you to Nancy Maynard for her commitment to the Taylor School and to our art teacher, Jenn Bassett, for inspiring our student artists.
All proceeds support the Financial Aid Fund.
The Financial Aid Fund benefits all students and families at the Susan Odell Taylor School – through tuition support for individual students; by keeping tuition costs reasonable for every student; and, most importantly, by empowering us to create a rich, diverse community of families.
The Sage kids enjoyed their special end of the year trip to Great Escape in Lake George! The trip was filled with wild rollercoaster rides and great memories!

We were all smiles for the last day of art class! The kindergarten created bees while the 1-2 class learned about the artist Iris Scott, and just like the artist, got to use their fingers to apply the paint! 

Kindergarten is continuing to learn about life cycles. They are growing their own plants and investigating the parts of a plant too. They are doing many hands-on experiments. Two of their favorite centers are the microscope center and the Flower Shop.