The PreK studied snow and ice by buidling symmetrical snowflakes, creating artwork with different mediums and learning the process of how water changes from liquid to solid. They enjoy their outdoor time where they can play and build and feel the icy snowflakes melt on their cheeks. In their science learning they also were able to sort objects and conduct a real science experiment. Can you predict what might happen in the bag in the picture? There is always something interesting happening in our PreK class. 

Our 7/8 students had an opportunity to share their independent reading books with their peers in a unique way. In their Passion Projects, students designed projects and crafted rubrics to represent their independent reading books. Projects ranged from posters, to models, to essays, to slideshows.

As a culminating activity, we created a gallery walk to share our projects with our peers.Remote and in-person learners were inspired by their classmates books and ideas.

Sage campus students created the ultimate roller coaster challenge marble course: a paper roller coaster that spanned 3 floors of our campus! Students not only learn engineering and design skills in their Think Tank work, but their learn how to work cooperatively in small groups to solve a problem.

The Sage students created these tomtens, also known as "gnomes" out of air dry clay, paint and cardstock.

In fifth grade Spanish class students have been learning the names for various school supplies and have been focused on subject adjective agreement. Students performed skits in class with props and shared what was in their backpack. The Spanish word for backpack is "la mochila".

Creating circuits and their very own recipe for puffy paint! The kindergarten class is in full on learning mode as snow blows in and the fun keeps their hands busy and their minds activated.

Art and science unite! Human Body systems gave students a change to flex their artistic muscles as they designed a solution that addresses one of the following problems in a working body system; a blood vessel blocked by plaque, airways obstructed due to asthma, a stroke that kills nerve cells in the brain due to lack of oxygen, or weakened muscles from muscular dystrophy. When they completed their artwork they created a short video describing what they had learned to share with their peers in the classroom and remote settings.

We have been getting outside and building out favorite snow creatures this year! The 1/2 class painted fantastic, imaginative scenes of what snowmen do at night and then wrote about them.