Dive into science with Sage students! Students created their own tsunami wave to better understand how tsunami waves vary from other tidal waves which includes how they form. Students created their own coast line then their own tsunami wave to see what happens.

The 3-4s had an adventurous time at The NYS Museum. The students learned about 'The People of the Longhouse' and examined archaeological evidence, first-hand accounts, and stepped into a full-size reconstruction of a Mohawk longhouse to explore the culture, values, and daily-life of Iroquois families.

Every day as we walk, talk, think, and breathe, all of our body systems are hard at work! The 5-6 science class investigated these body systems through an experiential lab, visiting a series of stations to explore how these systems function together in our bodies. 

Let It Snow, Let It Snow! 

PreK has been learning all about snow and ice. They have been building snowpals in the block area, explored colored snow (shaving cream) and made handprint snowflakes. Their favorite activity was the exploding snowpals! 

Right before our winter break, Sage students design and create their own gingerbread housesand bring them home to enjoy with their families.

Kindergarten is learning about many winter holidays and traditions. The children made Kwanzaa Unity Cups and toasted with juice. Kindergarten and PreK joined together to make latkes to honor Hanukkah. Cheers to all who celebrate!

All School Craft Day! Sage Campus students traveled to the Pinewoods Campus where students in prekindergarten through 8th grade will spent the day crafting, reading, playing games, and building multi-age friendships. Each student brought home handmade items that can be given to a special person or enjoyed as a family keepsake.

After the Kids CAN Build Competition, Sage students walked over to Joseph's House and hand-delivered over 800 cans of food! We are so honored to be able to make this contribution to our local community!