There is some multiplication magic happening in third-grade! The students have been working diligently to master their facts! One of their favorite warm up activities is quizzing each other with their triangle multiplication/division flash cards. 

PreK has been learning about the Post Office. We turned our Dramatic Play area into a Post Office and children have been creating, sorting, and delivering mail.  We even had a visit from our mail carrier! 

Time is ticking in the Gr.1/2 classroom. Students worked in small groups using hula hoops, number cards and paper strips to recreate clock faces. They took turns displaying different times on these jumbo clocks before moving on to making their own individual clocks.

The 3-4 class is taking a PBL (Project-Based Learning) approach to informational writing in order to develop authentic, real-world writing skills. We begin with a driving question that is carried out through the lessons, learning activities, and writing assignments. Because the writing is based on students’ interests and questions, it becomes meaningful and engaging. The process involves inquiry, research, problem-solving, collaboration, and digital writing as students acquire the communication and thinking skills to become critical thinkers in our ever diverse and changing world. Not only does project-based writing prepare students for the future, it also fosters the curiosity and enthusiasm to promote lifelong learning.

Kindergarten find the magnets magical! The loved watching how two magnets attract or repel to each other. Some basic concepts they explored magnets attract some objects, but not others. Magnetic objects are metal, but not all metal objects are magnetic. 

The 5/6 class has been using their STEM toolkit to create gravitationally innovative food/emergency supply airdrop ideas for countries in crisis. They have come up with cutting-edge, thoughtful designs, and it has been so fun to see the students engineering with such precision and interest! 

The Gr. 1/2 class is deep diving into a study of coral reefs. After learning general information by reading books and watching documentaries, each student selected a specific topic to study. Photos below show students “growing” their own coral during science. In art class, they are painting pictures of coral. They will then use these paintings as the settings for stories written during Writers Workshop. Susan Odell Taylor School at its finest, students engaged in cross-curricular learning.

In 7/8 Spanish, both grades are focusing on "la ropa" (clothes) vocabulary as well as verb conjugation. The 8th graders performed skits addressing different scenarios, from going shopping to holding a fashion show. The 7th graders created slideshow presentations of their own clothing stores. They had so much fun presenting these!