Through this humanities unit, the 7-8 class is learning about the cultural and political context of the American 1950s while directly experiencing it through primary sources: exploring television shows, magazines, advertisements, cookbooks, even board games! We will celebrate our completion of this unit with a 1950's themed party, The Sock Hop.

The Sage Campus celebrates School Spirit week with some really unique themes, like: Mix & Match Monday, TV Character Tuesday, Weathered Wednesday, Taylor Trivia Thursday and Future Me Friday! 

Worms! The 1-2 class worm encounter was a wriggly blast! At first the long wigglers were a little intimidating but pretty soon the class was up for the challenge of a scientific study. The students made detailed written observations, including using a ruler for measurements, and relseased the ground dwellers back into the school yard. Thank you to our little garden helpers!

One man's trash is another's treasure. Kindergarten used materials and practiced their cutting, gluing and composition making skills. They crafted using leftover items from their Think Tank center to make upcycled spring bunnies just in time for Spring Break!

Welcome to the 1-2 Contraction Word Hospital! For one our more hands on, immersive grammar lessons, the 1-2 students scrubbed into word surgery and used band aids to learn about contractions.

 Tweet, tweet! PreK has been discovering all about birds. The children learned about different types of birds, and the nests they make. They had a blast creating their own nest, playing bird games, and investigating feathers.

The kindergarten class is learning about the lifecycles of animals. As a part of their learning, they've been observing chicken eggs in an incubator, waiting for them to hatch. Today was the day, and Lego and Marshmallow pecked their ways through their eggshells and the little chicks came out peeping! Welcome to the world little chicks! 

The kindergarten class took a field trip the Museum of Innovation & Science (MiSci) to support their classroom learning with hands-on activities all about magnets.