Sage students took a field trip to TVHS to test out the microscopes constructed by the students enrolled in 9th grade Biology and Foundations of Chemistry.  We were able to tour multiple buildings on the campus, beginning with in the  the ZEN atrium (Zero Energy Nanotech), then the CESTM building, which is part of the SUNY Poly campus, and even walking through NFX (NanoFab Xtension) to see the high-tech machinery at work.  We concluded the tour with a student-led tour of TVHS. 

Prek has been learning all about the letter Pp. The children had the opportunity to be chefs for the day by making their own pizza. They also had a blast playing in the pond and painting with potato's.

Students are creating their very own writing caps to inspire their writing and motivate them. When wearing their writing caps, will also serve to generate awesome adjectives, vivid verbs, and sweet prepositional phrases in their writing.
Some of the adjectives used to describe themselves and decorate their caps are scholarly, sarcastic, resourceful, imaginative, and my personal favorite, devwahrphobic (fear of homework).

We are so excited to announce that our 16th annual Math-A-Thon for St. Jude Children’s Research hospital is scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th. To participate, students ask family members, friends, and neighbors for donations to solve math problems. On the day of the Math-A-Thon, all students will be involved in a variety of activities centered around mathematics. 100% of the donations go to St. Jude, where families do not ever have to pay for a healthy child. So let’s get started today!

The 7-8 class was excited to bring back a much-loved tradition: Lunch on the Town! For our first excursion, students journeyed to Buchman Cafe on Sage Campus for lunch, where they could choose from a variety of food options and connect over sandwiches, curly fries, shakes, and other snacks! 

Fe-fi-fo-fum PreK has had three weeks of Fairy Tale fun! Students were busy building castles, acting out their favorite fairy tales and making various art projects!


Are the magnets really magic? Kindergarten learners are exploring the properties of magnets in different centers and love watching how two magnets attract and repel each other. 

The 1st grade class is having a wonderful time learning about symmetry in math class! Through the manipulation of pattern blocks and other tools, the students have been making ornate, symmetrical creations!