Our community gathered at Kiggins Hall at the Emma Willard campus for a beautiful ceremony. The students sang the old favorite, Taylor School Song and Go with a Song in your Heart. We wish our eigth grade graduates the best of luck!! 

The sun was shining down on our Pinewoods campus on field day! Students of all ages worked together in different challenges to have fun and stay cool!

The middle school students (and their teachers) had a blast at field day!! Capture the flap, tug-of-war, blindfolded pool noodle fights and so much more!

The young musicians of the Taylor and Doane Stuart middle school offered a lovely instrumental and vocal program at the Massry Residence at the Daughters of Sarah. Thank you to the music teachers, Mrs. Maxwell and Mr. Hetko!

A. b. c countdown continues with "M" Day! "M" is for mustache and mystery reader!

The kindergarten class dazzled audience with their retelling of the classic story The Three Little Pigs!

The MIddle School Taylor Students and Doane Stuart students had a fabulous time on the end-of-year overnight trip to Champ Chingachgook! It was a fantastic way to celebrate a wonderful year together!

The 3-4 students have been working hard to memorize their lines and prepare for their class play on June 6! They have been working on their stage presence and designing props and costumes to wow their audience. They are so excited to show off their talents!