Class PhotO



Discussion Starters

  • What made you smile today?
  • What did you do that was creative?
  • Who did you sit with at lunch?
  • What was the hardest rule to follow today?
  • What did you do that was exciting?

Current Theme: Penguins & Ice

Waddle. Slide. Dive. SPLASH!

Students in the prekindergarten class are turning into penguin experts! They have been busy learning all about the different types of penguins and where they live. We even conducted a science experiment to learn that penguins have bubbler to keep them warm in cold climates. In our Green Room, there is an igloo full of information where students can look at penguin literature and watch how penguins move on land and in water. Soon we will learn about penguin habitats and the life cycle of a penguin.


Past Theme: Post Office

Special Delivery - here comes the mail!

Students have been learning all about the process of sending and receiving mail. Our Green Room has been transformed into a post office! Students enjoy spending time taking on the many roles that a mail carrier has. We even had a special visitor this week - our school's mailman! He educated our class on his job and showed us the inside of his mail truck!



Past Theme: Balls

Bounce, Kick, Catch, Pass, and Throw

We started the new year off with a BOUNCE. Students have had a chance to explore the variety of ways in which balls can utilized. We have been practicing bouncing, kicking, catching, passing, and throwing. In the Green Room we have our very own bowling alley! Rolling a bowling ball to knock over the pins is a class favorite. We have also embraced the winter weather by incorporating "snowballs" into our classroom. Make sure to check out our January photo album to see all of the fun we are having!

Past Theme: Jan Brett Author Study

MMMM...Do you smell something delicious?

That's right, you do! Our little baker's are hard at work making up some gingerbread cookies, muffins and cakes in our new Gingerbread Bakery! Our Gingerbread Bakery in the green room is tying perfectly into our author study of Jan Brett. Jan Brett is the author of some wonderful texts that play on the words of the traditional tale of The Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Baby and Gingerbread Friends  are quite popular in the PreK classrooms this year! Jan Brett is also the author of two ever so popular texts, The Hat and The Mitten. While both are perfect for this cold and snowy season, both texts also provide great opportunities for children to practice working on identifying, predicting and sequencing events that occur throughout a story. It is quite the scene watching the children's faces as more and more animal characters try to squeeze themselves into the "lost" mitten and hat. With unique illustrations, Jan Brett also tells the story of characters in the background with beautifully detailed border illustrations. The children love to observe and experience what the main character's are doing in the background while the tale of the lost mitten and lost hat is also occuring.


Past Theme: Gratitude

What is gratitude? What does it mean to be grateful? What are we thankful for? These are the overarching discussions we are having as a classroom community throughout the month of December. As a classroom community we are exploring and immersing ourselves into the idea that there are so many things around us we are grateful for, including each other. As we identify what we are grateful for, we are building and strengthening our relationships with each other through collaborative, whole group works of art. How is our final product better when we work together versus alone? What did I add to the piece? What did my peers add to the piece? What did I learn about someone else while working together? What are my strengths? What are my peers strengths? How can we put our strengths and ideas together to create something amazing? These are some of the questions the children are asking themselves and are being discussed while working collaboratively. Be on the lookout for these amazing and beautiful collaborative pieces!


The children are learning a song, Thanks a Lot, by Raffi this month. After reading and listening through it just the first time, it sparked an AMAZING conversation about how toys and games and television are all great, but that there are so many other things in their lives they are grateful for found right in nature, at home or in our school. Some examples of things they are feeling grateful for, in addition to the ideas in the song were: ladybugs, the ocean, sunflowers, snow, tall shady trees, baking gingerbread cookies, time with Moms and Dads, a fun school, a field of corn...and many others!

Snow, Snow, Snow!

The winter weather is finally here! The children very much enjoy playing outdoors in the snow and we will continue to maximize their outdoor play as much as possible. Please be sure your child has snow pants, boots, coat, hat and mittens each day. If your child wears his/her boots to school, please send a pair of regular shoes for them to wear indoors. This is important for gym days (Tuesday/Thursday) and helps minimize wetness & salt being brought into the classroom. Thank you!