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  • School Picture Day - Tuesday, October 1st
  • Fall Family Fun Day - Saturday, October 12th 2:00-4:00pm Engelke Farms

Discussion Starters

  1. What made you smile today?
  2. What did you do that was creative?
  3. Who did you sit with at lunch?
  4. Did you like your lunch?
  5. Tell me a new friend's name.
  6. What was the hardest rule to follow today?
  7. What made your teacher smile?
  8. What kind of person were you today?

The First Week!

We had a great first week of school! We spent the week playing, exploring our classrooms and new activities and getting to know our new friends and catching up with old friends! We have established our school day routines and schedule which I look forward to sharing with you at Parent Information Night on Wednesday, Sept. 18th at 6:30PM. There are TWO information sessions (6:30-7:15pm & 7:15-8:00pm) both covering the same information. Please choose a time that works best for you, I hope to see you there!

For our first week we started off easy with some fun, cooperative activities and crafts that coincided with great “beginning of the school year” texts. We started off with a new favorite, Stick & Stone by Beth Ferry. This book introduces two characters (stick & stone) who are quite different but learn that each provide something different and come to be great friends. When faced with a problem (oh no!) the two characters find that each of their unique talents allow them to work together to easily solve their problem. Our class then took our own unique talents to collaboratively work together to decorate the large branch that hangs from our classroom ceiling. Each child decorated the branch with colorful yarn and string and then created a bead & pipe cleaner design to hang from the branch, much like a large mobile. PreK 3’s were tasked with creating bright, colorful designs with their beads, while PreK 4’s were challenged to create a pattern. Some even conquered designing theirs with 2 different patterns in mind!

carra beads beads arya beads

Throughout the week we continued to explore materials within our classrooms. Sticks and Scribble Stones, both by Diane Alber, provided us with opportunities to use and try out some other materials we often use such as paint, paintbrushes, google eyes and popsicle sticks as we created our own scribble stones and unique sticks! While our crafts that went along with these two texts may seem “simple” to you, there was a bigger literacy lesson behind the introduction of them. Many students soon realized after these read alouds that our 3 main texts this week all had something in common! Some students thought back to our first read aloud, Stick & Stone, and recognized that the characters in all three books are the same, or similar. All three texts had sticks and stones, as their main characters!

charlotte stones stones max stones

One of the best parts about reading books that have similar authors, illustrators, themes or characters is that it really helps our students make connections and that is what we want our students to do when we read to them.  There are three ways that students can make connections to books.  First, they can make a text to self connection. Maybe something from the text connects to them personally. Second, they can make a text to world connection. This is when something in the text reminds them about something they know about or have seen. And third, they can make a text to text connection. When something from one text brings them back to something they read in another text! These books did just that for our students! While reading with your child, see what type of connections they are making or encourage them to make a connection by reminding them of something they’ve done, something they’ve read about or something that has happened to them.


At the end of the week we celebrated international Dot Day with a special project. Thank you Mrs. Bassett for creating such beautiful bubble dots with us! Please look for our beautiful work hung up out by the cubbies and on the wall heading into our classroom!

sophia dots  henry dots