yellow piggy bankThe Tuition Guarantee Program is designed to recognize the valued educational partnership the Taylor School has with our families and to extend the partnership financially as well. The Tuition Guarantee Program will be offered to students in two designated divisions: the Lower School Division (Kindergarten - Grade 4) and the Middle School Division (Grades 5-8). Families who commit to a multi-year agreement in 2024-2025 will be offered a guarantee of a 2% annual tuition increase for the duration of their time in the lower or middle school division. 

Types of Contracts

  • Annual Contract The standard annual contract where families make a one-year commitment to remain at the school. Tuition is established annually by the board of trustees (market rate tuition).

  • Divisional Contract (through the Tuition Guarantee Program): A divisional contract allows a family to make a multi-year commitment to remain at the school with a guaranteed tuition increase for the duration of the divisional contract.

Lower Divisional Contract - Kindergarten through Grade 4  Kindergarten will be considered the initial year for rising first graders.  However, the 2% guaranteed tuition increase will be calculated on the current year’s grade 1 market rate tuition. For grades 6-8, a family can opt for annual contracts or the Middle School Divisional Contract.

Middle Divisional Contract - Grades 5-8  When a child completes the Lower Divisional Contract, tuition will reset at the market rate in grade 5. Grade 5 will be considered the initial year of the Middle School DIvisional Contract. 


What if we enter into a divisional contract but choose not to sign an enrollment contract for the following year?

Should a family choose not to return to the school for the following year, their tuition guarantee divisional contract will automatically revert to an annual contract and the family will be responsible for the difference between the annual market rate and the divisional contract rate from the beginning of the divisional contract term. An invoice for this amount will be added to the family’s current tuition obligation.


Tuition Guarantee Glossary

Initial Year - The first year of a divisional contract during which tuition is paid at market rate. The guaranteed tuition increase is calculated on this amount for all grades except for rising first graders (current kindergartners). The guaranteed tuition increase for rising first graders will be calculated on the grade 1 tuition, not the kindergarten tuition. A family can enter a divisional contract at any time, as long as they have paid an initial year of tuition at market rate.

Market Rate Tuition - Annual tuition as determined by the Board of Trustees

Opt-In Commitment - A family's signed commitment to the Tuition Guarantee Program. Families who have paid one year of market rate tuition are eligible for the Tuition Guarantee Program in the subsequent years of a division. Tuition for the duration of the division is stated on the Opt-In Commitment.

Annual Recommitment - Signed annually by the family to acknowledge participation in the program due to continued enrollment at the Susan Odell Taylor School.