Taylor School is led by a Board of Trustees composed of parents and community leaders. The Board of Trustees, along with the children, their families, our faculty, and friends in the greater community, contribute to maintaining our high academic standards. The Board of Trustees regularly evaluates our programs and policies to ensure our school’s on-going success.

Taylor School board of trustees includes the following dedicated members of our school community.

  • President: John Regan
  • Vice President: Mary Jane Bendon-Couch
  • Vice President: Michael Myer
  • Secretary: Anne de Noronha
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Darling
  • Past President: Michael Fanning


  • Laura Bernard
  • Jim Dillon
  • Valerie Gill
  • Kristian Mariaca


The Susan Odell Taylor School acknowledges the following individuals, foundations and companies for their extraordinary support:

The Frank and Elizabeth Odell Family Foundation has honored Susan Odell Taylor's memory by providing us the greatest honor, allowing us to name our school after Susan Odell Taylor. The family's giving did not stop there. Elizabeth Odell has made annual contributions to the Susan Odell Taylor School, always with the children in mind.

Emma Willard School is one of the most distinguished independent schools for high school girls in our country. The partnership between Emma Willard and the Susan Odell Taylor School began the day we opened our doors. We are honored to continue the tradition of excellence that began with the Emma Willard Children's School and continues today through a strong, ongoing partnership and commitment to quality learning. 

The Association Development Group, Inc. / ADG Creative, owned by Kathleen and Joseph Van De Loo, has supported the school and the development of its image, message and communications program.

Michael Darling Construction, Inc., owned by Mike Darling,  has provided the Susan Odell Taylor School with on-going building and repairs around the Taylor School.  Thank you Mike for your on-going expertise.

Anonymous Donors who give because they believe in our school, and do so without wanting any recognition. We thank you very much for your contributions, and for helping us to grow and thrive!