• Picture Day, October 3rd
    • Lunch on the Town, Friday October 4th 
    • The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Sage Theater, Thursday October 10th 
    • Fall Family Fun Day, October 12th, Engelke Farms
    • Open Classroom, Sage Campus, October 23rd

Discussion Starters

  • What book are you reading?
  • What are themes and where do we find them? 
  • What creates our understanding of characters?
  • How do we inherit genes, and from whom do we inherit them? 



Visit to Pinewoods

Today, the Sage students visited Pinewoods campus to meet their Pen-Pals! Students, kindergarten through 8th grade, are paired with peers at the opposite campus and throughout the year send letters to each other.  Today students not only met their Pen-Pals, but they engaged in a fun ice-breaker, read stories to each other, had snack, and played outside.  As a teacher, I was so excited to see students of all ages mixing, and so proud of the 7th and 8th grade students for not only being role models, but for playing, smiling, and having fun with the younger students.  The morning was the perfect embodiment of the Taylor community! 

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ELA: The Elements of Story

In order to dig deeper into our Independent Reading Books, we are learning about the elements of story: from characterization, to determining themes, and the many factors that create setting.  Below, students are engaging with a class text, The Treasure of Lemon Brown, by Walter Dean Myers, to establish what the dialogue reveals about the characters within the story. 

IMG 0739

ELA: Independent Reading

Nothing makes Ms. Norton happier than a book filled with sticky notes! Through this, we are practicing engagement with our Independent Reading Books, and applying the lessons we've learned in class to our own texts. 

IMG 0738            IMG 0737

We are beginning the year by crafting an ability to see stories all around us.  By allowing students the freedom to choose their own books, we hope to fuel a passion for reading.  We will be taking frequent trips to the Troy Public Library throughout the school year, as well as using mentor texts to learn about the elements of story and apply this knowledge to our individual books. Students will be using sticky notes to engage with their Independent Reading Books, marking moments that make them wonder and think, moments they notice and that surprise. 

IMG 0656

Science: Genetics

Genetics is the study of how traits are transferred through the inheritance of genes. From whom do we get which genes?

In this unit, we’ll be thinking about why we look the way we do. We'll consider diseases that are genetic, question if we should tamper with our own DNA to decide how we want to look, and, most importantly solve the mystery: why is Mr. Shepard bald?  It should be a very busy and interesting unit!

As a Classroom, We Believe...

Students are investigating these belief statements to think about our classroom community; how we want to act and how we want to be. Each student is presenting a "symbol" that they believe connects to their statement, and will lead a class discussion as to whether or not their statement is important to our class culture. 

we believe

Digital Citizenship 

This year, we are using the "Be Internet Awesome Curriculum" from Google to help us think about our online presence and ourselves as "digital citizens" within a larger community.  From this curriculum (which you can check out here: we will then be drafting a Chromebook Agreement for our class to help us think about how our computers should be used in schools. 

Be Internet Awesome Curriculum Screenshot

From your teachers:

We are so excited to learn and grow with your students, old and new.

The first few weeks we will be working on establishing routines and effective learning habits, and, most importantly, we will be getting to know each other! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns; we are always available to talk or set up a meeting.  Our emails are This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.