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    • Monday, September 23 - Pen Pal Kickoff at Pinewoods Campus 8:45-10:45
    • Thursday, October 3 - Picture Day
    • Thursday, October 10 - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow The Theatre Institute @ Sage
    • Saturday, October 12 - Family Fun Day 2:00-4:00 @ Engelke Farm
    • Wednesday, October 23 - Open Classroom 2:15-3:15

Discussion Starters..........

  • What attributes are you willing to contribute to your team activities and projects?

  • What are you learning about in science?   

  • Respectful, Ready to Learn, Role Model. What do they look like throughout the school day?

  • Why is learning to ask the right questions and learning to listen essential for effective communication? 


Troy Public Library

The 5/6 students enjoyed their first visit weekly visit to the Troy Public Library!


International Dot Day!




Science this week took a more in-depth look into how professionals interact appropriately with unknown and potentially hazardous materials. Students were given a mystery jar and had to develop a hypothesis about what they thought the mystery mixture was or was it even a mixture?

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The 5/6 students have kicked off the year with an interactive team building unit which provides opportunities for them to develop, experience, and strengthen the group skills that are fundamental in cooperative learning. During this unit, the students will learn to:

    • Establish effective group behaviors and expectations that can be used in all group interactions
    • Understand "the three C's" of human interaction: commitment, communication and conflict resolution
    • Learn to set goals for any individual or group project in which they participate
    • Develop evaluation skills through an honest and cooperative reflection of their activities
    • Bring disagreements to mutually acceptable conclusions

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Out & About in Troy

Our Sage students started the new school year exploring downtown, Troy. They made a delicious stop at the Dutch Utter. What a great start to middle school! This is going to be a wonderful school year!



Studying Materials Scientifically

Science is off to a sweet start! The young scientists have been learning about the scientific process through conducting labs about the effect of different solutions on solid and semi-permeable candy. In the current lab, they are researching the osmosis of Gummy Bears. We can't wait to see the different effect solutions of vinegar, saltwater, sugar water, baking soda, and tap water have on our Gummy Bear subjects.

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