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5-6 Class

  • Discussion Starters
  • What was your favorite part of curating a museum exhibit?
  • How do you earn clues in "Noun Town"?
  • In Words with Wings, what was your favorite poem? 



School spirit week highlights

Disney Day

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Beach Party

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Twin Day

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Fan Day/Sport Day


Pi Day

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Taylor school Museum of African American History

The Sage Campus students welcomed Taylor School families, students, and members of the community to the grand opening of their museum on African American History. Viewers of the museum had an opportunity to explore the seven interactive exhibits on display. Exhibitions on display included:

〜Defending Freedom: Emerging Voices in the 21st Century & the Tradition of the Civil Rights Movement

20200227 122131

20200227 094146 2 COLLAGE

〜Musical Crossroads

 20200227 122249

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〜Visual Arts and the American Experience

20200227 120606

20200227 120409

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20200227 092934 COLLAGE

〜Innovations and  Inventions: Revolutionizing our Daily Lives

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〜Breaking Barriers & Representation

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〜Making the Impossible Possible: African Americans and the Reconstruction Acts

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Now Announcing, the sage campus School Spirit Week

Below is the schedule of events for the week of March 9th-13th. Students are encouraged to participate in supporting their classmates and teachers. We are excited to see students’ creative Taylor School spirit shine! 



Monday: Disney Day - Wear something that represents your favorite character (this includes any characters from Marvel, Star Wars, or any other Disney universe). 

Tuesday: Beach Party- Let’s manifest warmer weather by dressing the part.  This includes sunglasses, shorts, Hawaiian shirts: bring on the vacation vibes! 

Wednesday: Twin Day - You can dress in twins, triplets, quadruplets, but you have to match your outfit to your partner--your “twin” can be in any grade! 

Thursday: Fan Day/Sports Day - Wear a t-shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants, any article of clothing that supports an organization you love. You can show support for a favorite sports team, band or musical artist, University, or an important cause that matters to you. 

Friday: Pi-Day - Get ready for Math-a-Thon and to eat some Pi(e)!


Weather & Atmosphere

Students collected evidence to support the idea that, although air is invisible, it is made up of gases that have distinct properties. They explored air pressure by capturing it in syringes and then applying the air to various surfaces, including a chemical indicator.

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Think tank: Game-Changing Kids

Students in grades 3-8 had the opportunity to get together to play the games they created for "Game-Changing Kids" in Think Tank. The students were impressed by the creative and unique game designs their friends developed.




As a culminating activity for the 5/6 class’s economic unit, the students hosted a trade show to showcase their toy company’s work for the students in grades 3 & 4. Those attending the trade show acted as toy buyers who came to the show to order toys for the upcoming year. Each project group gave a 5-10 minute informational presentation about their product and the product’s selling points. After the visitors had a chance to listen to all four presentations, they were able to vote on the toy they felt would be the most successful in the marketplace.  



Field Trip to New York State museum

We had a great day exploring the museum for inspiration as we prepare to curate our exhibits for the Taylor School Museum of African American History. 


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Now Announcing...

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Frank Stella Circle Collage

The Sage Campus students studied the famous Harran II. This work was painted in Color Field Style, by Frank Stella. Students used compasses to draw their circles, colored pencils to add color, and finally outlined their work with paint pens. The work was then mounted as a giant collage to pay homage to the original Harran, II, which measures 10x20 feet.

20200123 152154



"Arts for Little Hearts"

The 5-6 class started sewing small quilts to wrap the snuggle bunnies that the 7-8 students created earlier this week. Once all the quilts are complete, the students will write notes to add to the bunnies to send to hospitalized children around the world as part of the "Arts for Little Hearts" project. Two brothers co-founded this unique project when they were 12 and 14 years old. Their goal was to spread hand-made art projects created by children, adolescents, and the elderly to hospitalized children all over the world. 

 #artforlittlehearts #communityservice #kidssewing #taylormade

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In science, we continued our study of local weather by collecting data to identify the trends in climate over the last year.



This week the 5/6 students began a unit on poetry using the text Words with Wings: A Treasury of African American Poetry and Art selected by Belinda Rochelle. Through the investigations of a wide range of poems, students will gain an appreciation and understanding of poetic language, and how poets can relate their message through this form of literature.

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Curating a Museum Exhibition

The Sage students will be working in teams to curate an interactive museum exhibit that documents African American contributions and helps us understand our interwoven American story. In preparation for this unit, students pretended a local museum was planning to include the story of their life in an exhibition. The students were asked to bring in 3-5 objects, photographs, or other artifacts that represented their life along with a description that explained each object’s significance. The students were put in pairs to carefully examine and write the overall story the items told about their partner. Did the items they choice truly convey the story they wanted to share? These are the kind of questions curators struggle with daily.  As the students begin to research and plan their exhibit for the Taylor School Museum of African American History, they will first decide what they want their audience to learn and why.



Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Lee for being this year's champion of our annual spelling bee. We wish him the best of luck as he moves on in the competition! 

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Warm Wishes, Sharing Dishes 

We are so thankful to share this experience with the Taylor community.  This year, students provided a musical performance as well as breakfast for their families.  What a great way to end 2019! 

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After enjoying breakfast with their families and friends, we took the leftovers, as well as the items we collected from the Silly Sock exchange, over to Joseph’s House, to share with those in need in the Troy community.IMG 2273 COLLAGE


Preparing for Warm Wishes Sharing Dishes

Mr. Shepard was the head-chef extraordinaire, leading teams of students in preparing baked oatmeal for Warm Wishes, Sharing Dishes.  When not cooking, students worked with Mrs. Bassett in creating centerpieces for the event. 

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Gingerbread Houses

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The weather and atmosphere study has students taking a closer look at the local climate and weather trends over time. Students are developing a foundation of knowledge of the vocabulary and units of measure used in weather reporting. This week, students designed a weather-related survey to gather data from people who have been living in the northeast for the last 30 years.

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Theater Institute @ Sage, Oliver

Taylor students and teachers attended Sage Theater Company's performance of Oliver!, a musical inspired by Charles Dickens' nineteenth-century novel.  This was especially exciting because students were able to support Vincent, our classroom assistant, and their classmate in her performance as the leading role. They both did an incredible job! 



shaker pointe

Students in grades 3-8 performed an array of songs for the community of independent seniors at Shaker Pointe at Carondelet. After the performance, the students enjoyed a special lunch prepared by members of the community.



Professor Wein's PED 303 Course

Students in grades 5-8 joined Professor Wein and her Russell Sage College undergraduate students majoring in physical education to support them in learning how to implement cooperative games and Fitnessgram into their teaching practice.


Gingerbread village

The 5-6 class gingerbread village was inspired by the artist, animator, and designer Mary Blair and German commercial graphic designer and illustrator, Janna Krupinski.

20191205 154145



After reading the inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman in Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and viewing the 2017 movie based on the New York Times bestseller, the students created Venn diagrams comparing the film to the novel. They then used the charts to help them write a textual-based paragraph that captured the true essence of this inspiring story. 



Musical Performance

The Sage campus students hosted a winter-themed performance by the musical group, Planet Light.  We are so lucky to have seen this group of talented musicians! 

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Pen Pals

The 5/6 students enjoy receiving their monthly letters from their pen pals at the Pinewoods Campus. It is an excellent way for the students to learn how to build a relationship through writing.

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The 5-6 class finished their unit "Studying Materials Scientifically." This unit included learning how to follow and write a procedure for labs, establish cooperative group roles, and applying their knowledge to address real-life problems. Our next science unit is "Weather and Atmosphere."

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Eloise Renouf Inspired Folk Art Trees

Students created a whimsical forest of imaginative trees based on the work of Eloise Renouf. They used chalk pastel and then used liquid corn starch to finger paint over the chalk to create a vivid, painterly texture.

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Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes is an interactive system for recording information that allows for collaborative and independent studying. The students have been doing an excellent job of implementing this system, and as a result, their notebooks are organized and easy to follow.

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Tech Valley High School

Students in grades 5-8 went to Tech Valley High School to serve as an authentic audience for their nano-technology class. The students presented skits about how nanotech helps shape our world through the lens of international travel.

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The young scientists are creating prototypes of a scale to determine which solids are denser. Students were limited to the materials found in the classroom and worked through trial and error.

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Happy Halloween!

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Inspired by R.J. Palacio's story, Wonder, the 5/6 students created inspirational posters to motivate students to routinely show kindness, acceptance, and respect for their peers.


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Ellm's Family Farm





Corey Jamison Consulting

A special thank you to Corey Jamison, President & CEO of Corey Jamison Consulting, for coming into our classroom and taking the time to talk to us about her business. We learned so much about entrepreneurship and what it takes to run a successful business.

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Stinkin it up in science!

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Literary Pumpkins


The Whistling Kettle

As part of our continued exploration of small businesses in Troy, the 5/6 students visited The Whistling Kettle. We want to give a special thank you to Meahgan and Kevin Borowsky, the owners, for taking the time to share their business with us.




The felted owls (and one penguin) project is finished!

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In science, learners identified liquids by the chemical and physical properties by conducting tests.

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Troy Web Consulting

The 5/6 students visited Troy Web Consulting as part of their exploration of small businesses in Troy. We want to give a special thank you to Jon Briccetti, the company’s CEO, for sharing his knowledge on how to run a successful software development company in the Capital District.

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123 1

Felted Wool Owls


Economics: "Toy Company"

As part of the 5/6 class' economics unit, the students are participating in a writing and speaking simulation in which they develop toys for children in the youth market. In this engaging simulation, the students, who will pretend to be managers of a new company, must organize, develop toy ideas (in project groups), do market research, present their ideas at a board meeting, and showcase prototypes for toy buyers. Throughout this unit, the students will be working cooperatively, under their CEO teacher, Mrs. Adams, toward a common goal and, in the process, develop their writing and speaking skills.


Ellen Sinopoli’s DAN 226 Course

Volunteers from the 5/6 class are participating in Ellen Sinopoli’s DAN 226 course. This course, Creative Movement for Children, teaches Russell Sage College students how to plan and implement workshops for young people that incorporate dance elements. Towards the end of the semester, her students will present their final projects utilizing the Taylor students.





An essential aspect of our science learning is training students how to express their ideas and engage in respectful conversations in various settings, even when a group's opinions are not aligned. Students are not forced to agree with the majority but are trained to support their thinking with evidence.

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Spanish students in grades 5 & 6 are observing National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th) by researching one of the twenty-one countries whose official language is Spanish. Not only did students learn where their country was located geographically, but they also investigated key exports, currency, and the nation's flag symbolism.

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Pen Pals

The Sage students visited Pinewood's campus to meet their Pen-Pals! Students, kindergarten through 8th grade, are paired with peers at the opposite school, and throughout the year they send letters to each other. Today, students not only met their Pen-Pals, but they engaged in a fun ice-breaker, read stories to each other, had a snack, and played outside. It was a great kick-off to this year-long event!





The 5/6 students just started a comprehensive novel study of R. J. Palacio's memorable story of kindness and courage, Wonder. The students are enjoying this fantastic story's characters and how they respond to challenges, and the overall theme of the story, "When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind."

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Troy Public Library

The 5/6 students enjoyed their first visit weekly visit to the Troy Public Library!



International Dot Day!




Science this week took a more in-depth look into how professionals interact appropriately with unknown and potentially hazardous materials. Students were given a mystery jar and had to develop a hypothesis about what they thought the mystery mixture was or was it even a mixture?

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The 5/6 students have kicked off the year with an interactive team building unit which provides opportunities for them to develop, experience, and strengthen the group skills that are fundamental in cooperative learning. During this unit, the students will learn to:

    • Establish effective group behaviors and expectations that can be used in all group interactions
    • Understand "the three C's" of human interaction: commitment, communication and conflict resolution
    • Learn to set goals for any individual or group project in which they participate
    • Develop evaluation skills through an honest and cooperative reflection of their activities
    • Bring disagreements to mutually acceptable conclusions

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Out & About in Troy

Our Sage students started the new school year exploring downtown, Troy. They made a delicious stop at the Dutch Utter. What a great start to middle school! This is going to be a wonderful school year!



Studying Materials Scientifically

Science is off to a sweet start! The young scientists have been learning about the scientific process through conducting labs about the effect of different solutions on solid and semi-permeable candy. In the current lab, they are researching the osmosis of Gummy Bears. We can't wait to see the different effect solutions of vinegar, saltwater, sugar water, baking soda, and tap water have on our Gummy Bear subjects.

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