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Classroom Happenings 

Discussion Starter Questions:  

* What is your favorite food group?  
* What was your favorite part about your field trip to the Sage Campus?   
* What friend had the most interesting item for "Share Time" this week? 
* Can you tell me what letters in the alphabet are vowels? 
* What is your favorite board game to play in your classroom?  


Current Theme: Nutrition 

This past week, kindergarten has been exploring different food groups. Each day, we have brainstormed a list of foods we know under each food group. We have also completed a class graph focused on our favorite fruit, veggie, grain, protein, and dairy. Students have participated in nutrition-themed literacy centers. For example, students sorted foods by the number of syllables in each food name. During a writing center, students used a food word wall to generate their own grocery shopping list. 

One of the best parts of our week was playing in our new grocery store! Students have loved taking on the roles of cashier, grocery clerk, and shopper. 



Recent Past Themes:   

Dr. Seuss Week

This past week, kindergarten explored the wacky world of Dr. Seuss! We read lots of books and did some exciting activities. For example, after reading The Foot Book, students used various objects to measure the length of their foot.

In connection to the book, What Pet Should I Get?, we did a graphing activity. Students each took a poll and asked their peers "what pet would YOU get?" Students then graphed the data and analyzed it by determining which pet had the most and the least amount of votes. 

After reading Batholomew and the Oobleck, students made their own oobleck! 


Black History Month

As a part of Black History Month, the kindergarten class learned about five influential people from history. After learning about each person, the students brainstormed character traits to describe that person and their unique story. 




Kindergarten also took a field trip to the Sage Campus. We visited the Taylor Museum of African American History. We loved visiting the other campus, as well as learning about even more influential people from history. 


Mardi Gras Celebration

The kindergarten class had a special guest this past week! Our special guest taught us all about Mardi Gras. Students made Mardi Gras masks and got their own set of Mardi Gras beads. Our favorite activity was getting to eat some King was delicious! 


The 100th Day of School

Kindergarten celebrated the 100th Day of School this week! We made crowns, had a special snack, and did lots of themed center activities. We even completed a "100 Lick Challenge." For this challenge, students needed to find out if they could finish a lollipop in 100 licks. 


Valentine's Day Math and Science

This past week, we used candy hearts to complete math and science activities. After sorting the candies by color, students learned how to record their results on a graph. Students also completed a science experiment where they predicted if the candies would float or sink in vinegar, soda, and water. Interested in knowing the results of our experiment? The candies floated in the soda, but sank in vinegar and water. 

Past Theme: Magnets   

Students had fun this week making their very own magnet boards! Students decorated their board (a cookie sheet) by using scrapbook paper and mod podge. Students then designed their own magnets! These are a special keepsake for students so they can always remember our fun-filled time exploring magnets. 


This week, students continued exploring different types of magnets. The highlight of our week was making our very own magnetic mazes! Using a piece of cardboard and wooden craft sticks, students designed and created a maze. After gluing and decorating, students used a magnet wand to guide their paperclip through the maze. Students had fun trying out each other's mazes...some were very tricky!! 


Students had fun exploring whether an object was magnetic or nonmagnetic. We tested out various items such as a pencil, a clothespin, a spoon, and even paper! First we made a prediction and then each student used their own magnet wand to test the item. We then checked off whether the object was magnetic or nonmagnetic on our recording sheet. Students also became "Magnet Detectives" by exploring the classroom and seeing what items are magnetic. Stay tuned for even more magnetic fun in kindergarten! 

This past week, students spent some time exploring different magnetic materials. A class favorite was a Japanese strategy game called "Jishaku."


Past Theme: Nocturnal Animals 

All About Owls 

We have completed a number of fun activities focused on owls. We labeled the different parts of an owl and learned that owls have feet called talons. Using a variety of yummy ingredients, kindergarteners created and ate an owl-shaped snack. We also made cozy little owl nests out of paper towel rolls, paper bags, and other materials. 


Bats vs. Birds

Students learned that a Venn diagram shows what is the same and what is different about two things. We read different facts and decided if the fact was about bats, birds, or both! Through this activity, we realized that bats and birds have a lot of similarities, but also a lot of differences!  



All About Bats 

Students have enjoyed learning all about bats. We have read nonfiction books about bats and have completed many activities focused on the animal. For example, we have been keeping track of the different facts we learn about bats. Students also made their own flapping bat, in addition to labeling the parts of a bat. During our classroom morning meetings, students have been singing songs about bats and other nocturnal animals. 



This past week, we read one of our new favorite read alouds, StellaLuna. After reading, we completed a story map together. We learned about different story elements, including characters, setting, problem, and solution. 


Next week, we will begin learning about owls!  

Diurnal vs. Nocturnal 

Students learned the difference between diurnal and nocturnal animals. We did a sorting activity and discussed why certain animals would be diurnal or nocturnal. Students suggested that some animals might be awake at night because their prey is also out at night. Other suggestions were that some animals can handle colder weather since it is often colder at night. 


Students also created a mural displaying both diurnal and nocturnal animals. We worked together to brainstorm what should be included in the "daytime" and "nighttime" pictures. Students created every part of the mural together as a class and we are very proud of it! Be sure to check out the finished mural - it is displayed on the window outside the kindergarten classroom. 


Welcome to our Bat Cave!

Through our study of nocturnal animals, we will be focusing on bats. Students have had a fun time playing in our very own bat cave. Stay tuned for more activities focused on bats! 


Halloween Science

Students participated in a science experiment where they soaked candy corn in four different liquids. The different liquids included: water, water with baking soda, salt water, and water with vinegar. Students made predictions as to what they thought would happen. Using their senses, students made observations as to what actually happened. Through this experiment, we learned new science words such as liquid, prediction, observation, and dissolving. After the experiment, students enjoyed a tasty treat...candy corn!


Past Theme: The Five Senses 

Sense of Taste 

Students loved using their sense of taste for a number of yummy activities. These activities included...

- Mystery Jelly Bean Tasting: Students closed their eyes as they tasted jelly beans. We were suprised by how our senses can trick us into thinking something is a different flavor! 

- Snack Taste Test: Students tasted snacks that were sour, sweet, salty, and even bitter.

- Apple Taste Test: Students tasted four different types of apples and decided if the apple was sour or sweet. 


Sense of Touch

Students used their sense of touch to sort sandpaper shapes while blindfolded! 


Students also used their sense of touch (and sight) to complete a beautiful leaf rubbing art project. 


And last but not least...students used their sense of touch to make slime! 


Sense of Smell 

Students loved using their sense of smell for a number of exciting activities. These activities included...

- Mystery Scent Bottles: Students used their sense of smell to guess which essential oil scent was in each bottle. 

- Smelly Markers: Students used their imaginations to draw pictures using scented markers. 

- Scratch and Sniff Stickers: Students used their sense of smell to guess which scent each sticker was. 

- Make Your Own "Scratch and Sniff" Picture: Using glue and Jello mix, students created their very own scratch and sniff pictures. 


Sense of Hearing 

Students participated in a yummy activity where they used their sense of taste and hearing. After tasting each snack, students needed to decide whether the food was a quiet snack or a loud snack.  


Students also used their sense of hearing to make their very own tambourines. Using paint brushes with bells attached, students were able to listen to their brush strokes as their painted paper plates. Students also filled their tambourines with dried pasta and beans, then attached beads and bells to the outside. At the end of the activity, each student had their own unique tambourine to take home! 


Sense of Sight

Students had a blast mixing red, blue, and yellow frosting in order to create orange, green, and purple. We used our sense of sight to see the colors mixing together. Students also got to use their sense of taste when tasting their color combinations...yum!!


Image 1
Another activity we did focused on using all of the senses except for sight. Using the book, The Black Book of Colors, students were able to experience colors without seeing them. This unique book has the text translated to braille, along with raised black line drawings on black paper. Students needed to use their sense of hearing to listen to the words, and their sense of touch to feel the drawings. After reading the book, we made our own drawings similar to the ones in the book. Using black construction paper and a white crayon, students drew a picture of something that reminds them of a color. We then used glue to trace over the lines. After the glue dried, we were left with beautiful drawings with raised lines! 

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Important Information

Arrival & Dismissal:

Dismissal begins at 3:30pm and ends at 3:40pm everyday. Aftercare begins at 3:30pm. Information about aftercare hours and procedures will be shared by the office.  

Take Home Folders:

Each day, your child will bring home their “Take Home Folder.” Please be sure to check it every night, as there may be important papers. Student work will also be sent home via the “Take Home Folder.” Folders will be sent home each night starting on Monday, September 9th. 

Extra Clothing:

If you have not done so already, please send in an extra set of clothing for your child. These clothes will stay in your child’s cubby and will be used in case of any accidents or mishaps (a shoebox works best because it fits perfectly). 

Snack, Lunch, and Water Bottles:

Students will have an opportunity to eat a snack in the morning and in the afternoon. Please be sure to send in plenty of snacks for your child each day. 

For your child’s snack/lunch, please make sure you pack any necessary utensils. It is also recommended that you send a cloth napkin in your child’s lunch box for use as a placemat.

To help minimize trips to the water fountain, please send in a reusable water bottle with your child each day. 

Discussion Starters 
Use these prompts to help facilicate a conversation with your child about their school day...

  • Who did you play with? What did you play together?

  • Who did you sit with at lunch? 

  • Did you enjoy your lunch? 

  • Can you show me something you learned (or did) today?

  • Did any of your classmates do anything funny?

  • Tell me about the best part of your day. 

  • What was the hardest thing you had to do today?