Reporting from Newport News, VA.  Hi everyone! I am currently a senior in high school so I am spending a lot of my time applying to colleges. I plan to major in Anthropology and I am applying to colleges all around the country, Some of my top choices are Yale University, Brown University, and Colorado State University. I miss my days at Taylor School all the time, but I hope you guys are having a great year!

Phoebe Solomon Class of 2013

Reporting live from the University of South Carolina! Thank you so much for playing such a pivotal role in my development as a person. I would not be the young man I am today if it wasn't for your many academic and life lessons I learned at Taylor School. I'm currently studying Finance and pursuing a minor in Psychology. So far I'm doing well in all of my classes and I've made some amazing friends. Thanks again for the care package and I hope you all are enjoying your year!

Go Gamecocks!  Tyler Trahan Class of 2014




Elsie “Elle” Ann Marra born on 12/27/2019. Congratulations to Patrick and Brianna!

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