Seeking ideas for fun weekend projects? Enjoy exploring these projects with students from Kindergarten through Grade 12.

Exploratorium Activities

STEM activities and projects you can do at home.

Cloud in a Bottle Experiment

Discover earth science fun with this homemade weather and climate experiment by Hooked On Science

Hooked On Science – Science Experiments to Do at Home

Discover these science experiments you can do at home with your kids.

Build & Launch a Foam Rocket

Construct rockets from pipe insulating foam and discover the relationship between launch angle and range.

Easy Science Experiments with Science Bob

Discover these great science experiments from Science Bob you can construct safely at home.

Physics Simulations by My Physics Lab

Interact with these physics simulations at home and discover forces that rule our planet.

Science Experiments from Energy Kids

Find links to at home experiments and science fair project ideas created by the National Energy Education Development Project.

Electrical Liquids

Create and test an electrical circuit and the various liquids that conduct electricity.

REBUS Puzzles & Brainteasers

Exercise your mind with these STEM brain teasers.

Energy Kids - STEM Riddles

STEM Riddles & Brain Teasers by Energy Kids.

Squishy Circuits

Use clay to build an insulated circuit and discover the flow of electricity and how conductors and insulators work.

Funology’s Recycled Crafts

Science and art projects made from recycled products!

Tie-Dye Fish Art Project

Build your own paper aquarium with tie-dye fish.


Local STEM Events Throughout the Year Around The Capital Region

miSci Science Festival – Schenectady, NY

Mad Science Summer Camps – Capital District

STEM Events at The Back to School Expo – Albany, NY