Think Tank is a time for students to work on projects and activities that promote attributes that will be valuable in our ever-changing world. During Think Tank, students are given the opportunity to become engaged, collaborative, innovative, creative, flexible, critical thinkers and doers.

Some basic principles of Think Tank are:

Taylor School students learning during Think Tank

  • Learn by Doing: Students are challenged to become the creators and designers of their own knowledge.
  • Hard Fun: Students are highly engaged in complex problem solving and innovation.
  • Technology as Building Material: Today many applications are designed with a simple, usable interface allowing for the use of technology as building material without requiring in-depth technical knowledge.
  • You Can’t Get It Right Without Getting It Wrong: Giving students permission to fail while working through complex problems is empowering and motivating.
  • Taking Time: It takes time for students to develop plans, implement them, perhaps fail, and try again. Think Tank encourages persistence, resilience, complex problem solving, and innovation.


Additional Learning Activities

Explore additional learning activities and tinker projects.